Zscaler Comprehensive Cloud based APT solution

Advanced Persistent Threats

Traditional security appliances were designed to protect data residing on servers behind the corporate firewall. They are not equipped to protect today’s mobile devices or distributed users accessing the Internet from malware, botnets, phishing and more.

Advanced Persistent Threats Solution

Web Security Evaluation Tool

Zscaler’s Advanced Persistent Threats Solution is the first cloud security solution built from the ground up to protect users accessing the Internet from any location, on any device. Leveraging the Zscaler Direct-to-Cloud Network, Zscaler acts as a high-speed “proxy in the cloud” scanning all incoming and outgoing Internet content from any device in any location, with near-zero latency.

Cloud Security Protects Against Advanced Persistent Threats

Zscaler’s Direct-to-Cloud Network provides protection against advanced and emerging
threats, such as:

  • Botnets: By analyzing the traffic originating from user devices, Zscaler can detect bots calling their command and control center. This eliminates the threat of bots initiating attacks (spam, key loggers, etc).
  • Malicious content: To eliminate threats created by malicious content, Zscaler analyzes both the traffic leaving the network and the webpage coming back. By correlating any suspicious destination domains or URLs with page content, Zscaler can detect infected websites and block users from installing their malicious content.
  • Phishing: Zscaler looks for dynamic data feeds of phishing sites and pages with phishing characteristics to prevent users from these threats.
  • P2P Protection: In addition, Zscaler provides comprehensive detection and protection from the abuse and potential threats of the P2P protocol going over HTTP and HTTPS. This includes P2P file-sharing on popular applications such as BitTorrent, eDonkey and Gnutella. Preventing the abuse of file-sharing can save significant bandwidth and eliminate liabilities. By detecting and blocking P2P anonymizing applications, such as TOR, Zscaler prevents users from bypassing URL filtering policies.

Zscaler’s Advanced Persistent Threats solution offers comprehensive detection technologies
from two sources:

  • First, our research team mines billions of cloud transactions generated every day and performs offline scans, pattern matching and malicious content.
  • Zscaler partners with industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, Qualys, VeriSign and Tipping Point for data feeds and advanced persistent threat (APT) information. 


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