Unified Policy Management

Zscaler Mobile Security

Zscaler’s Mobile Security Solution delivers the industry’s most advanced cloud mobile data security protection from threats across multiple devices. Zscaler separates business and personal use, ensuring that any malicious apps downloaded during personal use cannot gain access to sensitive corporate assets.

Complete cloud mobile application and mobile data security for smartphones and tablets. Businesses today are embracing mobility and encouraging “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies. As a result, corporate IT organizations are being challenged to support employee-owned devices as well as corporate-owned devices, while maintaining the security and integrity of corporate assets.

Zscaler Mobile Architecture

Zscaler’s Mobile Security Solution offers cloud mobile security for iPhones and Android devices. A central console allows IT professionals to manage mobile security policies across mobile devices, and offers real time reporting and analytics capabilities. Learn more about Zscaler’s Mobile Security Solution features.

Read more about why hundreds of leading enterprises worldwide are upgrading their enterprise mobile security with Zscaler.


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