7 Deadly sins that get your users hacked
One common factor - your employees

Companies are struggling to deal with cyber-attacks as hackers get faster, sneakier and more creative. According to a newly released report, 76 percent of the business and IT leaders reported that their organization has experienced a damaging breach over the past year*.

The risks are growing exponentially, and these attacks also reveal what is often the weakest link in organization’s data security – your employees.

So what are the 7 deadly sins that typically get your employees hacked?



Dan Maier

Senior Director, Product Marketing
Zscaler, Inc.

Join Dan Maier, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Zscaler Inc., for a compelling webcast that will highlight 7 deadly sins that get your users hacked. This will also cover:

  • The methods of attack by the bad guys
  • The most effective ways to combat them
  • How to protect your growing business from cyber attacks

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*Source - https://www.baselinemag.com/security/cyber-attacks-are-more-targeted-and-sophisticated.html

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