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Are your corporate secrets in Dropbox or other cloud-based applications?

The meteoric rise of cloud-based applications and file sharing solutions over the last few years has been nothing short of spectacular. Dropbox alone boasts 300 million users as of May 2014. This dramatic uptake has also been accompanied by four worrying trends:

  • A spike in the use of cloud-based applications - According to a recent report by Forrester Research, 70% of employees regularly use Dropbox for work*
  • Increase in employee violations of corporate business policy - 36% of security breaches stem from inadvertent misuse of data by employees**
  • Rise in use of BYOD devices to access cloud-based applications. The most popular BYOD business applications are documentation access & editing (50%) and file sharing (35%)
  • Rapid rise of data security risks - Threat attacks have exploded from 200,000 per year in 2006 to 315,000 per day in 2013***
Roberto Paschetta


Roberto Paschetta

Sr. Director, Sales Engineering & Technical Training

Join Roberto Paschetta, Sr. Director, Sales Engineering & Technical Training, Zscaler Inc., for a compelling webcast that will discuss:

  • How to determine if your corporate secrets are in Dropbox or other cloud-based applications
  • How to ensure your IT department has complete visibility and control of these applications
  • Visibility and control over SSL traffic without impacting performance
  • How to address these new security challenges and their implications

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*Source: Forrester Research - "Forrester on 2013 Mobile workforce adoption trends"
**Source: Forrester Research - "Understand the State of Data Security and Privacy report"
***Source: Kaspersky Lab

Are your corporate secrets in Dropbox or other cloud-based applications?

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