Best practices securing Internet access in a global hybrid network

A recent article in CIO highlighted that 72% of executives expect to adopt a hybrid cloud by 2018. In fact, 76% of executives expect that the majority of their critical applications and services will be running in a hybrid cloud based environment in 3 years1. The reasons for these trends are very compelling:

  • The explosive growth of Internet traffic, (growing at 50% annually and accounting for up to 80% of WAN traffic).
  • The migration of mission critical applications, (such as Microsoft Office 365) to the cloud.
  • Security appliances struggle to protect today’s world of cloud and mobility.
  • Staying with centralized gateways significantly impacts performance.

However the primary concern for adopting hybrid networks is SECURITY. So what are the best practices to secure a hybrid network?

ddan maier


Eliot Leibowitz

Head of Security Practice
Orange Business Services


John Isch

Director of Network & Voice Practice
Orange Business Services

Join Eliot Leibowitz, Head of Security Practice, and John Isch, Director of Network & Voice Practice from Orange Business Services, and Al Caravelli, Vice President of Global Alliances & Channels from Zscaler, for a compelling webcast that will address:

  • Why enterprises are moving to a cloud first security strategy
  • 5 key best practices and considerations that you need to know
  • The benefits of a cloud-based Internet security platform, leveraging single global security policies and uniform global Internet access
  • How you can minimize backhauling Internet traffic and reduce latency
  • How to eliminate the need for security appliances

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1CIO Magazine: "How secure is your hybrid cloud"

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