Insight from Geneva: Customer Advisory Board

Last week, Zscaler traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to conduct our European Customer Advisory Board (CAB). We had some great discussions focused on challenges specific to the European Union, as well as some greater market trends in the security industry. Read on for a glimpse inside…

When it comes to security, the European Union is signficantly divided. Each country has specific compliance and data protection laws. This can make it very challenging for organizations spread across the continent to completely manage its security internally. One large company mentioned it took 18 months to achieve its compliance and data regulation requirements across Europe.

Another interesting division within the European Union focuses on its economies. As the economies of individual nations ebb and flow, IT organizations must be prepared to grow or shrink its security budget on a (euro) dime.

Not surprisingly, enterprise security concerns remain the same worldwide. The disappearing perimeter was at the forefront of many of our discussions. Enterprises are concerned about not only mobile phones, but also remote workers on traditional laptops. There is worldwide demand for an efficient solution to secure these users and devices.

These enterprises were very receptive to the Zscaler Direct-to-Cloud Network. One emerging trend, for which we were lauded, is our ability to provide “pop-up” security for critical branch offices, retail space and temporary factory or industrial locations. This sort of use case is only available through cloud delivery models.

Another trend worth noting is that inspecting SSL traffic has now become incredibly important. Recently, NSS Labs reported on the failures of firewalls to inspect SSL traffic, yet our customers report that 30-50 percent of their traffic was via SSL. Of course, Zscaler can scan SSL traffic by design and has been engineered to do so without negatively impacting user experience.

Finally, organizations are opening their eyes to the inefficiencies and operational headaches of appliance-based security. The Zscaler Direct-to-Cloud Network offers lower day-to-day operational overhead of boxes, less training and deployment for complicated rule systems and interfaces and of course, the benefits of our real-time visibility and reporting.

Ultimately, these European organizations are grappling with some region-specific challenges, but no matter where in the world an organization resides, it is looking for a trustworthy cloud security service that just works. Zscaler has the global technical and legal expertise to address these variations from region to region, as well as the capability to look at the bigger security picture.

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