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Ransomware holiday deals - This week in cybersecurity

Too busy working to keep up with cybersecurity news this week? Here’s a round-up of the top stories from the cyberscape.

By: Anthony Gil

Ransomware holiday deals - This week in cybersecurity

StorageCrypt Ransomware Targets NAS Devices via SambaCry Exploit

A new ransomware family is using the SambaCry vulnerability that was patched in May to infect network-attached storage (NAS) devices, researchers have discovered.

North Carolina County Refuses to Pay $23,000 Ransom to Hackers

The government of Mecklenburg County, N.C., said it would not pay a ransom to hackers who took control of several of its computer systems. 

A popular Android keyboard app leaks data on 31 million users

The app maker's database wasn't protected with a password, leaving exposed its users' most private information.

Company with no privacy policy to collect brainwave data on 1.2 million students

BrainCo headbands to be used on students to collect biometric brainwave data on over one million students and ultimately create “the world’s biggest brainwave database.”

PayPal Unit TIO Networks Discloses Breach of 1.6 Million Accounts

Months after acquiring TIO Networks, PayPal discovers that the payment processor was the victim of data breach. 

Halloware Ransomware on Sale on the Dark Web for Only $40

A malware author by the name of Luc1F3R is peddling a new ransomware strain called Halloware for the lowly price of $40.

Hacked Password Service Leakbase Goes Dark

Leakbase, a Web site that indexed and sold access to billions of usernames and passwords stolen in some of the world largest data breaches, has closed up shop. A source close to the matter says the service was taken down in a law enforcement sting that may be tied to the Dutch police raid of the Hansa dark web market earlier this year.

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