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Prediction 5: No AV? No Problem

Foreshadowing the death of antivirus (AV) is hardly a bold prediction. Even AV executives are calling for it. While you won’t see a sudden wholesale move away from AV, as it remains the first line of defense for corporate PCs, we’re now hearing with some regularity, CTOs shifting away from paid AV solutions to ‘good enough’ free AV or solutions baked in at the O/S level, such as Microsoft’s Windows Defender or Apple’s File Quarantine (aka XProtect). As enterprises adapt to the Post-PC era, running an end user device without AV is no longer seen as a risky bet.

OS X machines rarely run AV in a corporate environment and on iOS devices it’s not even an option. Enterprises realize that AV is focused on known vulnerabilities and they must free budget dollars to shift to more dynamic security controls capable of identifying and protecting against 0day and targeted attacks. With limited budgets, expect fewer enterprises to open the checkbook for host based AV, instead reallocating the funds to solutions such as network/cloud based sandboxing solutions.


Contributed by:


Michael Sutton

CISO, Zscaler


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