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Free Provider X90x.net Hosting Numerous Facebook Phishing Sites


By: Chris Mannon


Free Provider X90x.net Hosting Numerous Facebook Phishing Sites

In the long history of free hosting and DNS providers abused (co.cc, pastehtml.com, etc.), x90x.net can now be added to the list, as it is being used to host many Facebook Phishing sites in a variety of languages:
  • faceb000k.x90x.net
  • jebemtakra-pisdfa-asdasdsds-ddfs.x90x.net
  • mesnaindustrija-goranovic-m-e-s-n-a.x90x.net
  • dft3.x90x.net/fbcd.html
  • d3xt0pcr3w.x90x.net
  • etc.
x90x provides free hosting on their sub-domain
A little bit more research showed that many other types of scams and spam content are hosted on x90x.net sub-domains. Here are a few of them:
  • Fake Google page
 This site does not appear to be functional.
  • Links to Canadian Pharmacies
  •  forex.com phishing site
  • Porn (no screenshot!)
  • and much more....
The hosting provider is also used by legitimate sites.  It is very risky to host any important website with a free provider which is going to get abused over and over. co.cc has been blacklisted by Google Safe Browsing in the past, meaning all Firefox/Safari/Chrome users were prevented from visiting any of the websites hosted under co.cc. I believe that a $10/year domain name is really a must for any website. Do not rely on a free domain such as those provided by x90x.net that could soon be blacklisted.

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