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Cyber Monday In Review

Cyber Monday In Review

Cyber Monday is hyped every year as the largest online shopping / deals day of the year. How was your Cyber Monday? This is a short post on some of what we saw. Our perspective is from the corporate end user (i.e., people on their work computer).

During Cyber Monday, about 4% of all web transactions from our customers were to online shopping sites. To put this in comparison, during Black Friday only 2.71% of the day's web transactions were to online shopping sites. In terms of raw numbers of transactions, Cyber Monday had about 87% more online shopping transactions than Black Friday. This chart shows the magnitude of Cyber Monday online shopping from Nov. 20 - 29th.

Over 20% of the online shopping transactions for this 10-day timeframe were from Cyber Monday.

To no surprise, the web servers that saw the highest number of online shopping transactions belonged to Amazon. Here are the top 5 web servers with the most Cyber Monday online shopping transactions:


  1. (Amazon)
  2. (Amazon)
  3. (Amazon)
  4. (Akamai)
  5. (Level3)

On the Amazon netblock, the top static shopping pages viewed were:



  1. General Baby (site)
  2. General Video Games (site)
  3. General TV/Video (site)
  4. Kindle Wireless Reader Wifi Graphite product page (site)
  5. General Toys (site)

The top specific product page viewed other than the Kindle, which is on Amazon's homepage, was a TomTom GPS unit (site).

There was a decent amount of "Cyber Monday" spam advertising deals - mostly on various hardware and software. Some of which appeared to be for fake store-fronts, but most were pay-per-click affiliates. The below spam redirects the user through the pay-per-click site.

Get your laptops...

And cell phones...

The phishing volume seemed in range with the normal volume (reference PhishTank):
There didn't appear to be any major Cyber Monday malware campaigns or anything out of the ordinary. That being said, continue to be safe when shopping online this holiday season.


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