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Pinhout: Pinterest Clone Or Phishing Site?

Pinhout: Pinterest Clone Or Phishing Site?

Recently I stumbled upon Look familiar? looks awfully familiar to...

It looks like a Turkish copy of Pinterest, a growing social network to share web content.

.. Pinterest (home page).

Official site?

I was wondering if this site is a Phishing site, a clone, or an official site from Pinterest. Whois records show that the domain has been registered by a Turkish Individual:

Registrant Contact Details: Pinhout Berat Yas ([email protected]) Ankara Ankara Alt?nda?,06000 TR Tel. +90.0533488xxxx

The website is hosted on This IP hosts several other domains registered by different individuals. is not the default domain for this IP either (see All of this tells is that this is definitely not an official localized version of Pinterest.


Phishing site?

However, the site does not look like a Phishing site either. It is fully functional and phishing sites usually clone one or two pages only. The site can be browsed without having to login. I've tried to sign up with a Facebook test account, but the signup failed.
Then what is it?
The site could be used to harvest e-mail addresses, Facebook and Twitter accounts (both can be used to sign up), but that does not seem to be the case here. At least not yet...
This is either a dormant phishing/spam site, or most likely an unsanctioned clone of Pinterest by a bored programmer.






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