While Blue Coat was shopping for technology, we were building it from the ground up.

Through 11 acquisitions, Blue Coat has created a security patchwork that’s difficult to manage. Zscaler’s unified platform was created to secure, simplify, and transform your organization.

Zscaler - the best cloud alternative to Blue Coat

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Join the hundreds of companies that have switched from Blue Coat and other appliance vendors to the secure, 100% cloud-based platform, available only from Zscaler.


Switch to Zscaler for better security at a lower cost

With the ever-evolving security threat landscape, the standard IT countermeasure of investing more in security appliances is flawed. Appliances are expensive, difficult to manage, and they don’t adequately protect the companies that depend on them.



  • 100% SaaS platform – a true cloud solution
  • Comprehensive security – much more than basic URL filtering
  • Real-time, comprehensive reports
  • Up to 80% cost savings vs. appliances

Zscaler is used by more than 5,000 leading organizations,
including 50 of the Fortune 500


Top four reasons why customers choose Zscaler over Blue Coat

Zscaler - the best cloud alternative to Blue Coat

Appliances — on-premises or hosted — are history

Many security vendors, including Blue Coat, continue to promote appliance-based technologies or new “hybrid” solutions (all that means is you’re stuck with managing appliances in your data center with the added bonus of paying for a cloud service, too). But the Zscaler multi-tenant cloud architecture is a pure cloud solution, meaning there’s nothing to install or maintain — no patching, no upgrading, and no vendor lock-in.

Zscaler - the best cloud alternative to Blue Coat

They’re giving you a false sense of security

Appliance-based solutions such as Blue Coat seem, on paper, like they provide all the protection you could possibly need without hindering performance. But the fact is, the flagship Blue Coat product, ProxySG, has no security at all without additional appliances. Zscaler integrates eight different security engines, such as URL filtering, advanced threat protection, sandboxing, DLP, SSL inspection, antivirus, malware analysis, and more, into a single, integrated solution. We inspect every byte of traffic. And, because it’s built on a vast, global platform, there’s no performance hit.

Zscaler - the best cloud alternative to Blue Coat

You get the real-time reporting you need

Reporting is a major challenge with appliance-based security platforms, like Blue Coat, because they’re not integrated. Zscaler provides real-time global visibility from a single administrative view. Zscaler also simplifies policy management with a single policy definition point that immediately enforces any policy change worldwide. Context-aware policies follow the user and are enforced no matter where that user connects.

Zscaler - the best cloud alternative to Blue Coat

You’ll save up to 80 percent of the cost

Because Zscaler is cloud-based, it eliminates capital expenditures on security hardware and software. You pay only for the employees you protect, saving up to 80 percent of the cost of deploying and managing on-premises web security appliances. And if you are backhauling your web traffic, your MPLS costs may be reduced by up to 90 percent. With Zscaler, you don’t need to spend any time patching your security infrastructure — We apply more than 100,000 security updates for you every day.

Are those expensive gateways giving you a false sense of security? Are you concerned that appliances protecting your data center are leaving users and your network exposed?


Industry experts agree that Zscaler is a leader in cloud security

The SC Awards’ Winner (2016) — Zscaler Best Cloud Computing Security

The SC Awards’ Winner (2016) — Best Cloud Computing Security

Zscaler Cloud Firewall won the Best Cloud Computing Security Solution award by SC Magazine.

For the 7th Consecutive Year Zscaler is named a leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways

Zscaler is, once again, in the Gartner Leaders Quadrant with the furthest position for Completeness of Vision.

Zscaler a leader in the Forrester Wave

Get on board! Zscaler a leader in the Forrester Wave

Forrester recognizes Zscaler with highest score among all vendors in the current offering, strategy and market presence categories.

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