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Leading businesses around the globe depend upon Zscaler to enable their business for mobility and cloud. Rather than backhauling traffic to a few Internet gateways, with Zscaler, they can securely go “directly to the Internet”. This enhances security, saves money and improves user experience.

Here we are not talking about a small deployment for a small office. Almost all customers listed below have all Internet traffic of every employee go through Zscaler for full protection.

Schneider Electric

Protecting global Energy Management Leader - €22.4 billion sales annually


Protecting the leading National Health Service of UK

Sealed Air

Protecting the leading plastic & manufacturing group in 175 countries - $8B sales


Organizations from all vertical industries trust Zscaler. If you have mobile users, mobile devices and lots of employees or lots of offices, you should take a serious look at Zscaler.


Organizations from all regions of the globe leverage Zscaler services. About 50% of our sales come from outside the US, making us truly a global provider.