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The City of Boston moves securely to the cloud to modernize its services


City of Boston

Location Boston, Massachusetts

Industry City Government

User count 5,500

Zscaler products Zscaler Internet Access

From a security perspective, we want to be focused on tools; we don’t necessarily want to maintain the infrastructure that sits alongside those tools. We need to focus our efforts on securing Boston’s systems, end users, and data.

- Greg McCarthy Chief Information Security Officer City of Boston

Zscaler helps local government reduce its risk with a zero-trust approach

Boston’s IT team has worked to reduce its data center footprint and shift its infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud. The team made progress, but as the city relied more and more on web-based applications and infrastructure, new challenges followed—including an inefficient and unreliable internet security solution. It is now increasingly important to ensure employees can safely access web-based applications and data.

The city needed secure, scalable, cost-effective cloud access for its 5,500 users to improve workflow efficiency and reduce user frustration.


  • Connect authorized users directly to externally managed applications
  • Reduce its reliance on hardware appliances
  • Increase blocked security threats
  • Significantly reduce help desk tickets
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