Learn how MAN Diesel & Turbo secured offices in 50 countries without any hardware

Key Highlights

  • No hardware, no software: MAN Diesel & Turbo was able to secure all locations in 50 countries without any hardware or software installations, eliminating the need to backhaul traffic from larger locations and extending security for the first time to smaller locations.
  • Mobility really is first: IT has found that it doesn’t matter now if their users travel to a different office or go home, they have the same internet experience and the same level of security, wherever they are.
  • Insights: Zscaler’s rich real-time reporting helped the company go beyond web filtering statistics to diagnose bandwidth congestion issues at different locations and optimize network use.


MAN Diesel & Turbo, a leading manufacturer of engines and turbines, needed to migrate quickly from an appliance-based URL filtering product which was facing end-of-life and enhance protection for over 12,000 users at 100 sites in 50 countries.

Zscaler has reinvented how to do security…. When a zero-day Internet Explorer vulnerability was announced, I e-mailed Zscaler technical support, and found all of my users were already protected – that really shows you why the cloud works.
Tony Fergusson, IT Infrastructure Architect


A single, scalable cloud-based platform which would allow MAN Diesel & Turbo to stop backhauling traffic from certain locations, provide actual internet security for the first time at smaller locations, and build security into the network layer, given the inability to control the client in a BYOD world.

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