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Zscaler Provides Internet and Data Protection for Steptoe

Steptoe and Johnson

Location: Headquartered in Washington D.C., with offices in Beijing, Brussels, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco

Industry: Legal services

User count: 1,200

Zscaler products: Zscaler Internet Access, Cloud DLP

Steptoe and Johnson LLP

Leveraging DLP and CASB integration for comprehensive data protection.

“Out-of-the-box GLBA/PCI dictionaries are incredibly straightforward and were exactly what we needed. Deploying them to user groups was so easy, it made fully deploying DLP a trivial task.”

- Brad Moldenhauer
Director of Information Security
Steptoe and Johnson

Leading law firm selects Zscaler for stronger security and data loss prevention

In 2015, Steptoe was planning to expand its internet gateways from five points of presence to 12 (two data centers and 10 locations). At the time, the company was using gateway security appliances, but only the two data centers and the headquarters office in Washington D.C. had direct internet access, and Steptoe knew it needed to enable direct internet access at all locations. It also needed a comprehensive data loss prevention strategy to keep up with the compliance objectives of its diverse client list.

Ultimately, to resolve these challenges, and to enable its high-profile lawyers to securely conduct business in a mobile and cloud-first world, Steptoe selected Zscaler for secure internet access, web security, and data loss prevention.


  • Secure, direct internet access for all offices

  • Data loss prevention capabilities and centralized visibility

  • Centralized and simplified cloud security management and policy enforcement

  • Integrated MCAS with Zscaler offering visibility and control over data moving to cloud apps and shadow IT

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