Cyber Security is now a Boardroom Agenda

Cyber security is now a topic of discussion at the majority of board meetings, according to a recent NYSE/Veracode survey*. It is no longer just an IT issue, a policy or compliance issue – it is a corporate risk issue. Forrester Inc., states that CEOs are now mainly held responsible for data breaches – a shift from it solely being the responsibility of the CISO. According to them, any lapses will cost executives their job**. The stakes are very high and getting it wrong has significant consequences, including:

  • Brand damage due to customer loss
  • Loss of competitive advantage due to corporate espionage
  • High cost of responding to a breach

How prepared is your organization to handle a security breach and discuss this in the boardroom?

Patrick Foxhoven


Kevin Peterson, CISSP

Director, Security & Network Transformation
Zscaler, Inc.

Patrick Foxhoven


Mark Stafford

Senior Cyber Consultant
BT Security

Join Kevin Peterson, CISSP, Director of Security & Network Transformation for Zscaler, Inc. and Mark Stafford, Senior Cyber Consultant for BT Security for a compelling webcast that will address cyber security priorities being discussed at the boardroom level, including:

  • Managing security risk in today’s digital world
  • Securely leveraging key technologies such as cloud, mobile and analytics
  • Addressing security gaps across the ecosystem of customers and suppliers
  • Effectively engaging at the boardroom level, reviewing key metrics and aligning strategy with business priorities

*NYSE/Veracode 2015 Survey: Cybersecurity in the Boardroom
**Forrester Inc., Report: Security Leaders, Earn Your Seat At The Table

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