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Zscaler Light Users Product Sheets

Last Updated: September 1, 2019

If Customer has ordered Light Customer Users through an Order, then the following terms and conditions shall also apply to Customer’s use of the Products:

“Light Customer User” means a Customer User that Customer designates as a light or occasional user of the Products. If any Seats of Light Customer Users are subscribed, Customer’s usage of the Products is limited by both the number of Seats and Monthly Traffic.

“Monthly Traffic” means all non-Seat traffic (Inline Guest WiFi Traffic, Light User Overage, and Device/Server Traffic) uploaded and/or downloaded through the Products during each calendar month, measured in Gigabytes (GB).

Seat” means a single subscription for a Customer User or Light Customer User.

Excessive Monthly Traffic for ZIA and ZPA (Light Customer Users).  As a subscriber to Light Customer Users, Customer’s usage of the Products is limited by both the number of Seats ordered and total amount of traffic flowing through the Products each month.  Each regular Customer User is allowed an amount close to the cloud-wide average of monthly consumption per user (currently 4 GB per month per ZIA Seat and 2 GB per month per ZPA Seat) and each Light Customer User is allowed twenty-five percent (25%) of the usage of a regular Customer User (which currently equates to 1 GB per ZIA Seat and 0.5 GB per ZPA Seat). The allowed GB of traffic will never decrease; however, it may increase over time as Zscaler’s cloud-wide average per user consumption increases.  If Customer exceeds its allowed GB of traffic by more than ten-percent (10%), Zscaler will notify Customer/Partner and Customer agrees to work with Partner/Zscaler in good faith to investigate the reason(s) for Customer’s traffic increase (e.g. additional non-purchased Seats using the Products, non-Seat traffic using the Products, changes in Customer’s network, etc.), and either (i) determine a bandwidth reduction plan; (ii) order additional Seats and/or Monthly Traffic which will be pro-rated and co-terminous with the then-current Subscription Term; or (iii) convert some or all Light Customer Users to regular Customer Users. If Customer does not comply with any of the foregoing three (3) options within ninety (90) days of being notified by Zscaler, then Customer agrees that Partner/Zscaler may invoice Customer for required additional Monthly Traffic starting from the date of notification.