Office 365 is all the rage - but is your network ready?

Microsoft Office 365 has taken the market by storm and has been Microsoft’s fastest selling product for a while now. However, amidst all this excitement, there are significant impacts to network and security architecture. Enterprises need to be prepared to manage 6 key issues:

  • Increased network bandwidth usage
  • Slow traffic & poor user experience
  • Increased security headaches
  • Mobile security
  • Visibility & compliance
  • Limitations of traditional on-premise security appliances
Patrick Foxhoven


Manoj Apte

Senior Vice President of Product Management
Zscaler, Inc.

Join Dr. Manoj Apte, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Zscaler Inc., for a thought provoking webcast discussing:

  • Key considerations to be aware of before you deploy Office 365
  • Why security appliances cannot address these challenges effectively
  • Best practices for addressing these issues using a cloud based security solution