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Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Zscaler and TIP

As open internet traffic is increasing, so are the number of adversaries in the threat landscape. Human sourced intelligence used to be a manageable workflow to identify these intruders, however the current volumes of internal and external threat data being collected regularly overwhelm SOC teams. In order to find unique high-confidence IOC’s, SOC teams need a better way to focus on threats that really matter This is where a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) comes in.

Zscaler, the world’s largest security cloud, integrates with leading TIPs to ensure SOC teams can easily operationalize the threats that matter within their Zscaler Installation. Zscaler automatically consumes user-defined IOCs from TIP to help enforce real-time policies and ensure all branch offices, and users on our off network, get complete protection from emerging threats and targeted attacks.

Threat intelligence platform API integration With Zscaler diagram
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Anomali® detects adversaries and tells you who they are. Organizations rely on the Anomali Threat Platform to detect threats, understand adversaries, and respond effectively. Anomali arms security teams with machine learning optimized threat intelligence and identifies hidden threats targeting their environments. The platform enables organizations to collaborate and share threat information among trusted communities and is the most widely adopted platform for ISACs and leading enterprises worldwide. Learn more at or read the Solution Brief.


Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange (CTIX) ingests threat data from a multitude of sources in different formats and allows analysts to get a holistic view of the threats relevant to the organization from a centralized point. CTIX integrates with Zscaler by performing reputation lookups and automatically adding malicious sites to the blockslists. To learn more, read the solution brief, deployment guide and visit


EclecticIQ is a global threat intelligence, hunting and response technology provider. Its clients are some of the most targeted organizations, globally. Together, EclecticIQ and Zscaler help SOC teams proactively operationalize and prioritize threats. Through the integration, Zscaler automatically consumes high-confidence indicators from the EclecticIQ Platform to enforce real-time policies and ensure all users get complete protection from emerging threats and targeted attacks.  To learn more, visit

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IntSights is redefining cybersecurity with the industry's first and only defend-forward external threat protection platform that transforms tailored threat intelligence into automated security operations. Our groundbreaking data-mining algorithms and unique cyber reconnaissance capabilities continuously monitor an enterprise's external digital profile across the open, deep, and dark web, categorize and analyze millions of threats, and automate the risk remediation lifecycle -- streamlining workflows, maximizing resources, and securing business operations. Learn more at or read the Solution Brief.

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Recorded Future delivers security intelligence to amplify the effectiveness of security and IT teams by informing decisions in real time with contextual, actionable intelligence. By analyzing data from open, dark, and proprietary sources, Recorded Future offers a singular, integration-ready view of threat information, risks to digital brand, vulnerabilities, third-party risk, geopolitical risk, and more. Learn more at and read the Recorded Future - Zscaler deployment guide.

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Seclytics is the leader in Predictive Threat Intelligence. Our SaaS-based Augur platform leverages behavioral profiling and machine learning to hunt down cybercriminals in the wild, predict attacks, and block attackers before they can get to your network. That's real threat intelligence. To learn more, check our the Seclytics solution brief.