Secure Your Enterprise with AI-Driven Malware Prevention

Zscaler Sandbox™ is a cloud native, AI-enabled malware prevention engine that identifies, quarantines, and prevents unknown or suspected threats inline.

Built on zero trust principles, Zscaler Sandbox instantly protects you against the hundreds of thousands of new threats it discovers across all customers, every day. Get a powerful boost from the cloud effect: any unknown threat detected in any customer’s environment is immediately blocked for all customers.

Take a self-guided tour of Zscaler Sandbox to learn about:

Encrypted threat protection
Inspect and decrypt threats across web and file transfer protocols (FTP), including TLS/SSL.
Advanced threat protection
Stop sophisticated malware, ransomware, command-and-control traffic, and phishing attempts.
AI-enabled sandboxing
Empower productivity without allowing patient zero infections.
Threat intelligence
Get smart about the threats targeting you via in-depth reporting that maps to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
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Zscaler Sandbox Self-Guided Tour

Zscaler Sandbox is a cloud native, AI-driven malware prevention engine that helps intelligently identify, quarantine, and prevent unknown or suspected threats inline. Complete the form to take the self-guided tour.