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See why Zscaler is the preferred choice of leading organizations

Leading analysts and industry experts vouch for Zscaler's
Security Cloud.

SC Magzine

Zscaler Security Cloud

This is another service that forces users through the cloud instead of direct access to the organization's internet portal. However, in this case it is not just a content delivery issue for a website with which we are concerned - outside-in access, so-to-speak. Rather it is outward-looking in that it is the organizations' employees, not its customers, who get the advantage. Zscaler is, in my view, a secure data center in the cloud. That is saying a lot, but Zscaler delivers and has been since 2008.
June 02, 2014

eSecurity Planet

Reviewer Matt Sarrel appreciates the technical support resources available for the Zscaler Secure Cloud Gateway.

"I pushed a proxy auto-config (PAC) file to each test workstation that forced all network traffic to flow through Zscaler where traffic inspection takes place and security rules are applied. The best part of using a PAC file for endpoint configuration is that users won't even notice a change in their browsing and email experience. The PAC file also forces the user's device to proxy all traffic through the Zscaler network. Administrators can also choose to protect entire networks using site-to-site IPsec VPNs.

 Zscaler protects Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad and Android against threats by scanning incoming and outgoing traffic from websites, social apps, cloud apps and email."
April 21, 2014

Richard Hicks

Extending the Life of Forefront TMG 2010 with Zscaler Cloud Based Security

“The Zscaler solution has some additional advantages over Forefront TMG’s native web protection mechanisms. With a cloud-based solution, Zscaler’s protection can also be extended transparently to mobile users, keeping them safe regardless of where they are. Zscaler has more than 150 datacenters worldwide, ensuring quick response times and low latency wherever the mobile user happens to be. Integrating individual clients can be done using proxy PAC files to route traffic to Zscaler’s datacenters. Additionally there is an option to install an agent on the client to forward traffic, which has the benefit of preventing the end user from disabling proxy settings to bypass content filtering restrictions.”
September 16, 2013

SC Magazine

Zscaler Security Cloud

“Zscaler is a comprehensive suite of security services delivered from the cloud. It covers email, web and mobile computing. Some services the product provides are anti-malware, browser and application vulnerability management, policy enforcement for mobile computing, bandwidth and QoS management, web filtering, intellectual property protection and regulatory compliance.”
June 03, 2013

Enterprise Networking

Zscaler Cracks Cloud Security

"Protecting your network perimeter with security software or appliances is a pointless exercise when your typical user is a laptop- or smartphone-toting mobile worker or your business has numerous branch offices…  Zscaler's service aims to provide security for corporate HQs, branch offices and mobile workers from the cloud, without the need for onsite hardware, software or client agents."
May 3, 2011


Cloud Computing Security: Emerging Vendor Round-Up

"In just two years, Zscaler's cloud security service has grown to over 150 data centers, processing over a billion transactions a day to secure millions of enterprise, SMB and Service Provider customers."
May 2, 2011

small business

Zscaler Web Security Cloud for Small Business

The internet is an indispensable small business tool, but using it safely means guarding your small business against myriad online threats and ensuring that employees aren't putting the company at risk by using Web access in risky or inappropriate ways. Small Business Computing found Zscaler's SaaS- based Web Security Cloud for Small Business very promising for small business security, as it does not require deploying and managing security appliances and PC-based anti spyware/virus/firewall utilities.
December 29, 2010

Network Computing

Web Security Services Put to the Test

Network Computing released a detailed report on cloud based security services including Barracuda, McAfee, Symantec, Webroot and Zscaler. The analysts compared key elements like latency, URL & malware filtering, Security Threat  Identification and blocking capability, Reporting capabilities and Value Added services  
December 3, 2010


Zscaler Cloud Security offers Secure Web Gateway Features

The recent 3.0 release brings together just about every security feature that could be offered via proxy in a straightforward GUI...
August 5, 2010

V3 Co UK

Review: Zscaler cloud-based security

A simple and affordable way to secure web communications. Zscaler offers, in effect, a secure internet connection for a simple monthly subscription. There's no need for any extra hardware, making it very easy to test.
February 15, 2010