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Automated, cloud-based sandboxing protects you from the most advanced persistent and pernicious threats

After deploying Zscaler, we’ve seen a 100X reduction in malware detected by our downstream security infrastructure.
Christopher Hudel, Chief information Security Officer, SPX Corporation
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Protection from zero-day and advanced persistent threats

Cyber-criminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods that evade traditional malware detection techniques. Every week Zscaler detects and blocks thousands of unique, new, never seen before attacks for our clients. Without behavioral analysis and sandboxing as part of your security toolbox you are almost guaranteed to be compromised.

The problem is that threat prevention appliances from vendors such as FireEye have been so expensive that you could never afford to purchase and deploy them to protect your organization. With Zscaler Behavioral Analysis, you can protect your entire extended enterprise with cutting edge security, at a TCO up to 80% less than deploying FireEye appliances.

Automatically quarantine, inspect and block threats before they reach your network

Zscaler's Behavioral Analysis uses automated, cloud-based sandboxes to protect your organization from advanced threats that are not detectable using traditional security techniques.

Automatic and always In-line. Zscaler is always in-line and is designed to automatically sandbox suspicious files and block threats from reaching your network

Patient zero protection. Zscaler uniquely can quarantine suspicious files we’ve never seen before - so even if you are the first person in the universe to encounter a brand new advanced threat, you are still protected.

Unmatched cloud effects. Your organization is instantly protected from advanced threats that we detect on behalf of any of the 15 million people we are already protecting.

Included at no extra charge. Standard behavioral analysis is included at no extra charge for most Zscaler customers and protects you from malicious Windows executables and DLLs. Zscaler Advanced behavioral analysis adds protection for more file types, more operating systems, forensic analysis and advanced quarantine and policy management features.

Lowest total cost of ownership. You can deploy Zscaler to protect your entire extended enterprise from advanced threats at less than 20% of the cost of deploying and maintaining FireEye appliances.

Key features include:

Multiple layers of security: Behavioral analysis using sandboxing is just one of more than a dozen security techniques Zscaler applies to protect your organization -- giving you the best possible network security.

Automated, in-line SSL inspection: Zscaler includes built-in SSL decryption, so we can detect advanced threats hiding behind encryption without requiring any additional hardware or software.

Instant cloud-wide blocking of new threats: When we detect a new advanced threat for any one of our clients, we instantly and automatically block it for you -- so you instantly benefit from the traffic of all of the rest of our customers.

BA - Rules
BA - Forensic

Proven faster and more effective than FireEye: Independent analysis firm Miercom found Zscaler behavioral analysis is 52 times faster than FireEye and correctly identifies 64% more zero-day threats.

Superior reporting and analytics: Gives you a complete picture of what is happening in the sandboxes to improve your security posture and speed your incident response.

Part of an integrated security platform: Integrates with web security, DLP, content filtering, SSL inspection, malware protection and cloud-scale correlation, reporting and analytics.

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