The best way to give users access to internal apps? Keep the network out of it.

Secure, private access that is better than virtually anything.


The (Zscaler) approach is more secure than VPN because it reduces the potential attack surface, while it also doesn't require hardware infrastructure.

Your users want internal application access. Why give them network access?

Providing secure access to private, internal applications has always required compromise. You have to balance your often legally-required security with the business requirement for remote access. And for over a decade, the answer has been the VPN.

The problem is that a VPN — a virtual private network — is still a network. Hidden malware on a trusted user’s device can wreak havoc to internal applications. Third parties can (and have) snagged user credentials and run amok. And worst of all, VPNs – like any network – are complicated to set up, difficult to change, and expensive. There has to be a better way. Now there is.

Introducing Zscaler Private Access

Zscaler’s market-leading Cloud Security Platform has been winning accolades and customers for years, providing security with robust centralized policy management and uber-fast global enforcement. The same Zscaler App that you use to access the Zscaler security platform can now also enable authorized users to access private, internal applications, regardless of where the user is located or where the application resides.

A revolutionary way to deliver secure remote access to internal applications

Take the network out of the equation

Zscaler Private Access works by decoupling your applications from the network. When an authorized user requests an internal application, the Zscaler policy engine enables a lightweight, application layer-based tunnel through the Zscaler cloud. If you try to route back to the asset, you won’t be able to find it. Because there is no direct connection between the user and the asset, malware has nowhere to go. Because the tunnel is encrypted, the traffic remains hidden from prying eyes. And if users aren't authorized to access an application, they can't even see it.

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Largest security cloud, trusted by the biggest brands

Zscaler is able to offer this revolutionary, cloud-based technology because we were born in the cloud, and all of our development has taken place there, for years.

Equally important, Zscaler understands security. Existing Zscaler customers will get the benefit of best-in-class integrated security functionality for Internet traffic, as well as secure, private access to all internal apps. All from the same Zscaler App your users probably already have.

Zscaler Private Access solves the challenges posed by a traditional VPN infrastructure by decoupling your internal assets and applications from the limitations, cost, and complexity of direct IP network connections.

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