The best parts of a Virtual Private Network have nothing to do with a network

Secure application access without netwok access

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Replace your legacy VPNs

Time to retire your VPN?

VPNs have provided a well-understood mechanism for site-to-site and remote access for over a decade. As your network has grown and changed, it has largely done so around this infrastructure. The result is a complicated tangle of NATing, Access Control Lists, over-provisioned client software in case of emergency, and more. You’ve deployed data centers around the world, and then re-provisioned them for high availability. You’ve installed load balancers to give users the best experience, and maybe even global load balancers for disaster recovery. It is complicated, it’s expensive, and it’s static.

Secure access that rolls out in hours instead of weeks or months

With Zscaler Private Access, you can phase your VPNs out on your schedule, while providing user-based access to specific applications. Zscaler Private Access dynamically provisions user access without touching the network, so complexity is replaced with flexibility. If an application is located in different places, the user is automatically routed to the site that delivers the best performance. And because the solution monitors application health, users will always get the best performance.

Legacy VPN Zscaler Private Access

Zscaler Private Access solves the challenges posed by a traditional VPN infrastructure by decoupling your internal assets and applications from the limitations, cost, and complexity of direct IP network connections.

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