Ransomware - Protect or Pay

In the last few years, ransomware has taken the cybercrime world by storm. CryptoWall 3.0, one of the most lucrative and broad-reaching ransomware campaigns, was alone responsible for 406,887 infection attempts and accounted for about $325 million in damages in 2015.1 And, according to the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, ransomware promises to wreak more havoc in 2016.

While individual users were once the preferred target of ransomware, perpetrators have increasingly set their sights on businesses and organizations. And you can bet that with larger targets, the ransom demands will increase accordingly.

Are you prepared for such an attack?

Steve House

Keynote Speaker

Patrick Foxhoven

CIO and VP of Emerging Technologies
Zscaler, Inc.

Join Patrick Foxhoven, CIO & VP of Emerging Technologies, Zscaler Inc., for a compelling webcast highlighting how ransomware can impact your business and why legacy security solutions don’t stand a chance against such threats. Patrick will also cover:

  • How has ransomware evolved
  • Lessons learned from the recent attacks
  • Why is cloud sandboxing so important
  • How ransomware can be mitigated

1"Lucrative Ransomware Attacks: Analysis of the CryptoWall Version 3 Threat," Cyber Threat Alliance, November 2015 (https://cyberthreatalliance.org/cryptowall-report.pdf)

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