The appliance way
MPLS congested with Internet traffic Poor user experience for branch users Expensive WAN/WAN-op investments
The hub and spoke way
Two challenging choices for branch security
Costly to deploy Difficult to manage Sacrifice security features
A third deployment option: the cloud
Better user experience and cost-effective way to deploy and manage
No boxes to deploy and manage Reduced MPLS backhaul costs by offloading internet traffic Simplified policy management and reporting
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Zscaler Cloud Firewall
Buy, stage, ship, install, manage
What does it take to deploy Next-Gen firewalls in all of your branches today?
Cloud Firewall
Here's a new way:
Global real-time visibility – by app, location, and user
Investigate traffic by location
Discover usage of Tor
Identify Tor users
Block all P2P apps except Skype for Business
Granular policy control – by app, user, group, location, and time
Allow FTP for IT users only
HTTP/HTTPS traffic only on guest Wi-Fi
The SC Awards' Winner (2016) –Best Cloud Computing Security
Better value – investment protection and cost avoidance (no boxes, no backhaul) Better user experience – fast response times, app prioritization No security compromises – integrated cloud security platform, native SSL inspection Rapid deployment – simplified management, no staging, shipping, or installation services Visibility into all internet traffic globally within seconds
Zscaler Cloud Firewall won the Best Cloud Computing Security Solution award by SC Magazine.
The branch of the future requires local Internet breakouts
Cloud Firewall is the only practical way
• 600+ firewall rules for MSFT
Backhaul over MPLS was too expensive Increase in connections would overwhelm DC firewalls Local breakouts were too costly Ensuring a good user experience
Deploy Office 365 across 650 locations
Consistent security across 270 sites
Backhaul over MPLS was too expensive Too costly to deploy lots of appliances Significant security tradeoffs with UTMs Protection for IoT devices
• Identify users and groups regardless of IP address
Proxy protection for all ports and protocols
Application visibility and control User identity aware Advanced Deep Packet Inspection engine Intrusion prevention Single console for policy management and reporting
• Stateful packet inspection and heuristic analysis
Scaler Cloud Firewall
• Identify apps regardless of port, protocol, evasive tactic • Non-performance-impacting SSL inspection
• Protocol anomaly and signature-based detection
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