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Olympics left a trail of massive cyber attacks

Your employees are at risk. Do you even know it?

There have been numerous statements from the International Olympic Committee, reporting that it came under “regular attack” throughout this summer’s Games. It’s no surprise. Any large event becomes a target for attackers — and the world stage on which the Olympic Games are played out is about as large as it gets.*

Experts anticipate the number of attempted attacks on the Rio Olympics will be four times the 200 million attempts faced in London Olympics 2012. And why should you care? Because your employees have a probability of being compromised through;

  • Phishing and Malware attacks
  • Exploitation of mobile applications
  • Registering illegitimate websites
  • Aggressive SEO and advertising
  • Michael Spotts


    Michael Spotts

    General Manager,
    Cyber Development & Operations,
    BT Americas

    Dr. Amit Sinha


    Dr. Amit Sinha

    Executive Vice President,
    Engineering and Cloud Operations,
    Zscaler, Inc.

    Join Michael Spotts, General Manager of Cyber Development & Operations, BT Americas and Dr. Amit Sinha, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Cloud Operations, Chief Technology Officer, Zscaler Inc., for a thought provoking and compelling webcast that will discuss;

    • The gold, silver and bronze attack methodologies targeting your unsuspecting employees
    • Case Study. Lessons learned from the London Olympics 2012
    • Why such attacks aren’t ever uncovered by the victim’s enterprise
    • What you need to know to keep your enterprise safe

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    *Source - https://pctechmag.com/2016/08/ioc-fights-cyber-attacks-during-rio-2016-olympics/

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