Deploy Office 365 without impacting
your network or your budget

Fast, secure access for Microsoft Office 365 — with no added hardware.

Zscaler delivers fast, secure access for Microsoft Office 365
Office 365 traffic now represents 40% of our network traffic. And for the first time, Office 365 has surpassed YouTube.

Office 365 deployment brings new challenges:


40% higher network utilization (up to 20 persistent connections per user)

Additional MPLS bandwidth to backhaul traffic


Microsoft recommends no more than 2,000 users behind each public IP address

External firewalls need to manage IP address range and URL changes


Backhauling traffic from branches can introduce latency

Microsoft recommends 50ms from the client to the application

With Zscaler, you will gain faster, secure access to Office 365 — no added hardware required.

Zscaler offers a new solution

The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform connects to Office 365 with local breakouts, so it minimizes latency and improves the user experience. And road warriors can connect directly, without the need to create a VPN back into the corporate network.

With Office 365 traffic going through the Zscaler platform, you can enable secure connectivity with granular access control and QoS — without buying additional hardware or overhauling your network.

With Zscaler Office 365 deployment eliminates backhauling traffic

Why Zscaler for Office 365 deployment?

  • Proven deployment model with over 700 customers
  • Best user experience (fast response times via local breakouts)
  • Prioritizes Office 365 traffic over streaming media (via QoS rules)
  • Rapid deployment (no upgrades or config changes)
  • Investment protection and cost avoidance (no hardware, no MPLS backhaul)
  • Visibility into all Internet traffic within seconds through a single console


Office 365 Customers

1.2 PB

Office 365 traffic processed per month and growing

46 TB

Office 365 traffic processed per month for one customer


Zscaler is used by more than 5,000 leading organizations,
including 50 of the Fortune 500

To gain fast, secure access
to Office 365, talk to Zscaler