A View of the Web from an Enterprise
End-User's Perspective

By Zscaler | ThreatLabZ
State of the Web | Quarter 4, 2011

In this Q4 2011 edition of the State of the Web from the Zscaler ThreatLabZ, we once again take a look at Enterprise web traffic, aggregated across over a hundred billion transactions from millions of business users across the globe.

This report highlights annual and specific Q4 2011 trends and observations made about how business users access the web, what they do online, and related policy and security threats that affect enterprises.

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  • iPhone and Android devices dominate mobile traffic; Blackberry is falling further behind.
  • Internet Explorer continues to decline in the enterprise, but not as quickly as what is being seen in the consumer realm.
  • Though Facebook is still the king of recreational traffic, Facebook traffic in the enterprise was on the decline throughout 2011.
  • Outdated browser plugins run rampant in the enterprise, and can provide an easy pathway to data theft through simple browser exploit kits
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