Switch from Blue Coat to Zscaler
and Get 6 Months Free Service!

Thank you for your interest in this special offer to all Blue Coat customers - switch to Zscaler and get up to 6 months of free service.

How Do I Participate or Learn More ?

Register your interest today and we will get back asap to answer any questions and get the ball rolling!

*Key Details of The Promotion Include:

Up to 6 months of free service Free Single Sign-On for Users
Duration: Ends July 31st 2015 Consultative Migration Assistance
6 Months Free Mobile Security Matching existing equivalent support contract for free

Why Zscaler

Zscaler operates the world's largest security-as-a-service global network with 100 data centers providing advanced web security and real-time global policy enforcement. Employees are protected even if they are outside of the corporate network. Switching to Zscaler makes perfect business sense.

  1. Better security than appliance-based security solutions
  2. Streamlined WAN performance with near-zero latency
  3. Better control over user productivity and compliance violations
  4. No hardware or software deployment
  5. Eliminate the need for branch office appliances and MPLS networks
  6. Reduce traffic backhaul costs by more than 80%

*Terms and conditions apply. Contact Zscaler for more details.

Contact us:
1-855-4-zscaler (US)
+44 (0) 845-009-9531 (EMEA)

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