Global Enforcement Dashboard
Inside the world's largest security platform built for the cloud

Zscaler: now blocking threats and enforcing policies in a cloud near you.

With Zscaler, all internet traffic is routed through the Zscaler cloud data center nearest the user, one of more than 100 globally. Every byte of the traffic is analyzed before it goes out to the open internet and before it is routed back to the user, all with near-zero latency.

This dashboard provides a graphical view of the hourly activity in the Zscaler cloud. By selecting one of the three buttons to the left of the globe, you can see where the most transactions are originating, where most threats are being blocked, and where policies are being enforced. The map is updated hourly.

About ThreatLabZ
ThreatLabZ is the embedded research team at Zscaler. This global team includes security experts, researchers, and network engineers responsible for analyzing and eliminating threats across the Zscaler security cloud and investigating the global threat landscape. The team shares its research and cloud data with the industry at large to help promote a safer internet.

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