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December, 2012
Managing Risk in the Age of IT Consumerization

When it comes to equipping their workforce with mobile solutions, many companies are adopting "Bring your own device" (BYOD), allowing their employees to bring personally owned mobile devices to work and access company resources, applications, and data. At the same time, BYOD has security challenges: the same smart phone that was used to visit a malicious website the previous evening will access the company intranet this afternoon. Concerns such as these are forcing other companies to assert tight control over their mobile devices and apply "Here's Your Own Device" (HYOD) policies, i.e. IT departments purchase and maintain the devices and provide them to employees for use. Here, the perspective taken by enterprises is that HYOD is more work to implement but allows for tighter security and control.

Rick Holland


Rick Holland

Senior Analyst Security & Risk Management

John DeVeaux


John DeVeaux

Enterprise Architect



In this webcast, Forrester analyst Rick Holland will detail the pros and cons of BYOD and HYOD, and explain the security implications of each. Attendees of this webcast will learn more about:

  • BYOD vs. HYOD: Pros and Cons
  • How mobility, cloud apps, and social media are impacting organization security
  • Why a Direct to Net security model is effective in a mobile world
  • What is right for me: BYOD vs. HYOD?
BYOD or HYOD?: Whats Right for My Company

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