Workload Communications
Self-Guided Lab

As your organization migrates or builds cloud workloads and your cloud footprint expands, you need a security solution that can effectively protect, scale, and deliver zero trust to their cloud workloads and applications.

In this self-guided hands-on lab, you’ll discover how Zscaler Workload Communications can provide secure zero trust connectivity to internet and private applications for your enterprise workloads at scale.

This lab is a fast, easy way for you to experience and evaluate the technical capabilities and security benefits Zscaler Workload Communications can bring to your organization. You can watch our short walkthrough videos on your own, or you can request access to an AWS environment where you can learn about Workload Communications firsthand with help from the videos and our downloadable guide.

Meet the expert who built this lab

Aaron Rohyans, Principal Technical Product Specialist
Aaron Rohyans, Principal Technical Product Specialist

Aaron Rohyans

Principal Technical Product Specialist

Aaron is a virtuoso of all things cloud security at Zscaler, responsible for technical enablement, competitive testing, technical collateral, product demo labs, and key customer management.

Once you complete this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  1. Install and set up Zscaler Workload Communications
  2. Activate capabilities to secure workload-to-internet access and workload-to-workload access
  3. See how Zscaler can protect your organization’s data with DLP
  4. Understand how Zscaler protects workloads against cyberthreats

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