Justify Your Attendance

We’re excited that you would like to attend Zenith Live Europe 2018, coming to London in October!

To help you make the case for joining us, we have outlined some of the key benefits of attendance. Simply copy and paste this letter into an email for your management team. We look forward to seeing you there!


Subject: Attendance at Zenith Live Europe 2018

I would like to attend Zenith Live, the upcoming Zscaler Cloud Summit taking place in London on 21–23 October. The conference will provide an opportunity for me to grow professionally and help us maximise our investment in Zscaler services through deep-dive technical sessions, hands-on labs, and presentations by industry leaders. I’ll also have the opportunity to build expertise in specific areas through technical certification tracks offered at the conference.

Over the two days, I’ll have the chance to work alongside peers in organisations undertaking initiatives similar to ours, as well as technology experts and practitioners who can share best practices on a range of relevant issues. During the event, I can expect to:

  • Boost proficiency in Zscaler platform services, such as Cloud Firewall, Cloud Sandbox, Bandwidth Control, and Zscaler Private Access
  • Build knowledge in issues like IT transformation, migration to SaaS and IaaS, SD-WAN security, software-defined perimeter, and more
  • Find answers to our questions on security best practices, cloud visibility, mobile security, and more
  • Gain insight into how companies move beyond threat prevention to risk management
  • Discover ways to maximize our investment in Zscaler services

The estimated conference costs are as follows (not including airfare/travel):

Conference, certification training, and 3 nights hotel: £1645 (approx. €1845)

Conference pass plus hotel, Sunday and Monday: £830 (approx. €930)

Conference pass plus hotel, Monday only: £700 (approx. €785)

Conference pass only (no hotel): £525 (approx. €585)

My participation in Zenith Live will be a win for our organisation and for my professional development, and I look forward to sharing what I learn with the team upon my return. If you need more information or have any questions, just let me know.