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Zscaler’s Advantages Over Websense


Are you worried about selecting the wrong web security solution for your enterprise? Are you concerned about deploying and managing even more appliances throughout the organization at a time when many leading companies are avoiding the costs and complexities of hybrid security solutions and moving security to the cloud?

Built from the ground up to truly protect the Everywhere Enterprise, Zscaler’s secure Direct-to-Cloud Network uses global checkpoints to deliver advanced security, enforce real-time business policy, eliminate backhaul costs and improve performance. Select Zscaler over Websense, so your organization can benefit from:

  • Better security than appliance-based security solutions
  • Streamlined performance with near-zero latency
  • Better control over user productivity and compliance violations
  • No hardware or software deployment
  • Eliminating the need for branch office appliances and MPLS networks
  • Reducing traffic backhaul costs by more than 80%

But don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself! Download this informative whitepaper and see why no matter where you are in the world, or what device you are using, Zscaler’s got you covered.


Zscaler Advantages
Over Websense

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