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Digital transformation is a business transformation for IT, not an IT transformation for the business.
Thomas Likas
Head Of Cyber Security Enterprise Architecture,Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
I believe CISOs need enough technical knowledge to provide direction and guidance to their teams. Again, balance is important. If a CISO is too technical, you run the risk of not communicating well with business leadership.
Bob Varnadoe
CISO (former),NCR Voyix
Being a cloud- and partner-first organization has enabled us to swiftly meet our security and technology goals without getting bogged down with unhelpful legacy infrastructure that doesn't address immediate needs.
Erik Hart
Global CISO,Cushman & Wakefield
Being easy to work for and easy to work with is easier said than done but can give IT a great reputation. SaaS/IaaS combined with data and analytics can get you there as it gives you greater visibility, and a better and measurable employee experience.
Stephen Rayda
EVP, Enterprise Shared Services Technology,Syneos Health
It has never been truer that the brand is the experience and the experience is the brand. Every touchpoint in the customer journey is an expression of the company: from the first introduction to the last step in the supply chain.
JP Saini
Chief Digital & Technology Officer ,Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.
Cybersecurity is as much about culture as it is about technology.
Simon Hodgkinson
CISO (former),bp, plc
Technology change is accelerating exponentially. If you aren't a continuous learner and change agent, you can't drive technology change in the enterprise.
Greg Simpson
Chief Technology Officer (Retired),Synchrony
Technology is often the easiest of the components of digital transformation. People, culture, and processes are the tougher elements to modify to fully digitalize the fabric of an enterprise.
Carlos Amésquita
CIO (former),American Multinational
As leaders, we must act as chief change agents. Communicate the value proposition early on with key stakeholders. The problem you’re solving for must be easily understood. That will lead to faster adoption.
Nicole Darden Ford
CISO,Nordstrom, Inc.
Government and private enterprise CIOs play a critical role in using digital transformation, cloud-native infrastructures, and cybersecurity to create better, more performant, and (most importantly) safe services to the public.
David Cagigal
CIO,State of Wisconsin (former)
In the Post COVID world, security must align with cloud transformation in order to meet accelerating enterprise demands and deliver competitive digital business models.
Les Ottolenghi
EVP & CIO (former),Diversified Entertainment Corporation
There are many benefits to be gained from connecting the physical world and the digital world, but they can only be realized by leveraging a proven and scalable security solution for a seamless user experience.
Hanna Hennig
CIO,Siemens AG