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Andrew Baker

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Baker | CTO | Capitec Bank
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Everything in life worth doing involves some risk-taking. Therefore, there will be mistakes. Technology leaders should encourage their teams to take risks, learn from mistakes, understand failure planes, and engineer them out of the company.
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Transformation Journey

Over the past three years, Andrew Baker has steered two of South Africa's largest banks through their secure digital transformations. As ABSA Group CTO during the pandemic, he initiated a zero-trust project ensuring more than 50,000 users across 14 operating companies on the continent would be secure working from anywhere. Baker then joined Capitec Bank, where he similarly guided security posture enhancements including VPN replacement and DLP and CASB deployments for 14,000 users in fewer than eight weeks.

Baker currently serves as the CTO for Capitec based in Cape Town, South Africa. He also sits on the technical board for Sybrin Payments, is an advisor for ThoughtLabs and Cloud Scale Consulting, and has experience as a high-frequency trading developer and in creating open-source payment rails and fraud models.

Lessons Learned

Andrew has overseen the deployment of thousands of users onto Zscaler Internet Access, Zscaler Private Access, and Zscaler Digital Experience Monitoring (ZDX) across three companies – Capitec Bank, Absa, and Barclays Africa Group. He has a strong understanding of using Zscaler for financial services, branch infrastructure, software developers, hybrid cloud, DLP, and forensic investigations.  


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