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Brad Schaufenbuel


Brad Schaufenbuel
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Security is not just about keeping attackers out. It also involves making data accessible to authorized users from anywhere. Adopting a cloud-based, zero-trust network access solution accomplishes both objectives.
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Transformation Journey

A 25-year security veteran, Brad Schaufenbuel is driven by the belief that security innovation can serve as both a business enabler and a driver of competitive differentiation. The adoption of a cloud-based, zero trust network access solution at Paychex has facilitated the rapid onboarding of acquisitions and secure access to company resources from anywhere.

Lessons Learned

The best way for a security leader to enable a digital organization is to leverage forward-leaning partners and adopt transformative security solutions. In the era of digital transformation, an organization’s security toolset must evolve as quickly as the rest of its technology stack, and faster than that of its adversaries.