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Bruce Lee

CIO & CTO (former)

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Delivering high quality technology starts and ends with the people
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Transformation Journey

Bruce Lee is a former CIO and CTO, having run and transformed some of the country's most critical systems infrastructure and operations for the financial and health insurance payer industries. He focused on creating the skills and culture needed to ensure tech and ops were equipped to support corporate strategy execution in the world of digital disruption and transformation. Today, he shares his experience by providing independent CXO advisory services. He is married, has three children, lives in the Poconos in Pennsylvania and enjoys playing guitars and riding bikes.

Lee served as the CTO of Centene, the nation's largest government healthcare program payor, serving one in 15 Americans and employing a staff of over 65 thousand employees. Prior to Centene, he was the CIO and head of technology and operations at Fannie Mae, providing the infrastructure for the US secondary mortgage market. He has also served as global CIO of the New York Stock Exchange and its affiliated exchanges around the world, as well as for various regions, functions, and business segments for global financial services firms BNP Paribas and HSBC.