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Douglas Rocha Ferreira


Douglas Rocha Ferreira | Inter CISO
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Security is not just about technology. It is fundamentally about the business. The role of security is to use the best and latest solutions as tools that drive and enable business success.
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Transformation Journey

In a digital world, cybersecurity is a vital concern. With more than 20 years working in information security, Douglas has witnessed the transformative power of technology as a strategic asset for companies. As Inter's CISO, he leads a multidisciplinary team dedicated to protecting more than 27 million customers, with cloud environments and zero trust architecture as allies. Before his current position, he helped to drive remarkable growth and achieved impressive results in renowned companies such as Pismo, Cloudwalk, CIP, Cipher, Itambe, among others.

Lessons Learned

Security goes beyond simply employing advanced technologies. It is critical to understand that effective protection involves intelligent integration between technology, people, and business processes. Choosing and implementing the right solutions must be informed by the unique context of the business, including your industry, organizational culture, and existing work practices. With this, security not only protects, but also enables innovation and business growth, ensuring a safe and effective digital transformation.


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