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Francis Yeow


Francis Yeow, CISO
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Cybersecurity leaders cannot use yesteryear's solutions for tomorrow's problems
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Transformation Journey

Francis Yeow spent two decades in the cybersecurity space, overseeing cybercrime, cyber intelligence, security operations, regulation compliance, policy, and strategy. Francis is a visionary cybersecurity leader who sees the importance of cybersecurity in humanity. Outside of technology, Francis volunteers as a mediator in the State Courts of Singapore


Lessons Learned

When I came to my current company, I assessed the cybersecurity gaps in the organization and identified some areas of weakness. I brought in the "shift-left and shift-right" strategy, where cyber intelligence (shift-right) and security culture enhancement program (shift-left) were introduced to improve the future and legacy issues. No best security technology can be more effective in preventing incidents when there is no visibility of the issue. Hence, the use of intelligence in cyberspace gives me visibility of issues and the ability to prevent them before issues materialize into an incident. While improving the security landscape is important, let’s not forget that majority of the issues are due to human error (the human is the weakest link). Hence, it is important to set up a positive security culture among all employees within the organisation. 

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