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Guido Sacchi

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer (former)

Guido Sacchi
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For Global Payments, the purpose of digital transformation—including our recent cloud deals with Google and AWS—is to achieve innovation at scale.
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Transformation Journey

Guido Sacchi is relentlessly focused on delivering business value from IT and championing digital transformation that helps Global Payments achieve innovation at scale—without sacrificing reliability and security. Under his leadership, Global Payments has partnered with Google Cloud and AWS to achieve greater flexibility, responsiveness, and delivery acceleration within a secure and frictionless environment. In addition, his teams have built "security intelligence" into Global Payments IT infrastructure and incorporated behavioral analytics, automated alerts, and more. As part of this process, Global Payments have implemented "zero trust" procedures to strengthen authentication, engaged friendly hackers to test systems and identify potential bugs, and renewed organizational models and upskilled team members.

Lessons Learned

Using digital transformation to stay on a competitive cutting edge is critical. Both competitors and externalities—like Covid-19— expose weak points. Companies that lag tend to fall even further behind, and those that are prepared differentiate themselves and gain market share.

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