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Hanna Hennig


Hanna Hennig
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There are many benefits to be gained from connecting the physical world and the digital world, but they can only be realized by leveraging a proven and scalable security solution for a seamless user experience.
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Transformation Journey

A passionate technologist who is focused on enabling the digitalization of a global technology powerhouse. Hanna successfully initiated Siemens' secure digital transformation journey through an innovative Zero Trust deployment that secures the company's IT and IOT / OT solutions. Before her role as CIO at Siemens, she guided companies like Osram, Telefonica O2, and E.ON in their business and digital transformations.

Lessons Learned

Secure digital transformation requires moving away from perimeter-based hardware protection towards scalable, flexible, personalized, and cloud-based security solutions that provide a seamless user experience. Additionally, digital transformation must be about understanding the people, culture, and working habits of users in addition to knowing the environment and selecting the right tools and approaches.

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