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Jeff Lund

Global CISO and Head of Technology Infrastructure

Jeff Lund
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Go slow to go fast – planning, execution, and people are the cornerstones of the success of a good security strategy. Zero trust transformation requires a well-thought-out strategy and IT collaboration to realize the benefits throughout the journey.
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Transformation Journey

Jeff Lund is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive global cybersecurity program to enable Marsh McLennan's businesses to grow, keep systems and data secure, and prevent threats from being realized. He works with multiple industry resources, strategic vendors, and individual experts to analyze and understand new and emerging security threats and risks.

Jeff directly advises the board of directors and business risk committees on the execution of the company's security strategies and the maturity and efficacy of the cybersecurity function globally. He partners with the business teams to help Marsh McLennan deliver on client commitments while maintaining compliance with various regulatory requirements. Jeff is engaged in several strategic vendor executive steering committees, is a featured speaker at select security conferences, and a sought-out expert for cybersecurity panel discussions.


Lessons Learned

We are two years into a four-year vision of zero trust transformation. While enabling an amazing user experience from anywhere, we’re gaining security visibility, capability, scalability, and control.  Zero trust allows for the protection of our user’s browsing and secure application access in addition to reducing the risk of lateral movement between our applications. Every colleague has a role in protecting the confidentiality of company and client data, the integrity of IT systems, and the availability of services.

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