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Kavitha Mariappan

EVP, Customer Experience and Transformation

Kavitha Mariappan
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The new cyber-threat era is complex, accelerated, and unrelenting. It demands leaders who can prioritize agility over complexity, security over complacency, and innovation over stagnation.
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Transformation Journey

Kavitha Mariappan is a seasoned go-to-market executive with a penchant for rapidly translating technology into customer-centric value, mobilizing global teams and operations, and transforming them into high-growth businesses. Over her 20+ year tenure spanning enterprise software and service provider, she has held various high-impact roles spanning marketing, product management, and engineering at industry-leading companies, including Databricks, Riverbed, Cisco, and Philips Electronics.

Prior to joining Zscaler, she served as CMO at Split Software, a venture-backed startup where she built the company's go-to-market engine from the ground up and was instrumental in defining a new category for product decisions. Kavitha is responsible for driving global transformation and innovation across all facets of Zscaler’s business, customers, strategy, products, and operations, with a strong focus on customer value creation.

Kavitha holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Communication Engineering from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, and a Master of Science in Cybersecurity Risk and Strategy from New York University School of Law and Tandon School of Engineering. 

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