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Lauren Dana Rosenblatt

Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer

Lauren Dana Rosenblatt
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For CISOs and their teams, benchmarking metrics and information sharing with peers provides visibility and useful context to build confidence from a strategic perspective and situational awareness at a tactical level. Sharing information can influence how we evolve our abilities to better protect our consumers, employees and brands, especially during times of digital transformation.
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Transformation Journey

Lauren is the VP, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for IFF. She defines the strategy, design, and implementation of all technology, automation, and data initiatives for IFF information security. As a trusted member of the IT leadership team and infosec steering committee, she provides the strategic vision to drive innovation and support IFF’s corporate strategy. Lauren serves on the Retail and Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) Board, Evanta (Gartner) Fortune 1000 CISO Community Governing Body, Security Innovation Network (SINET) Innovation Award Judge, and National Retail Federation (NRF) IT Security Council Executive Committee (Board).

Lessons Learned

1. It is important to integrate experiences from multiple industries. Although there are differences, you will get a more well-rounded perspective, which will lead to better security strategies.

2. Education and communication are key during times of digital transformation. Companies need to make sure that everyone is informed, especially regarding cybersecurity, from the C-suite on down.

3. It is critical for InfoSec teams to have a solid understanding of the business goals. InfoSec needs to be part of the transformation process from the very beginning.

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