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Matt Singleton

Executive Strategist

Matt Singleton
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At one point we had two of everything—the Noah’s Arc of IT. As we consolidated those with an enterprise-class standard we’ve completely changed the cybersecurity posture of the State of Oklahoma over the past 18 months.
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Transformation Journey

Matt Singleton is currently an executive strategist for the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike. Previously, he was charged with leading all cybersecurity defensive efforts, offensive operations, and compliance/privacy practices for the State of Oklahoma. Prior to holding the position of CISO, Matt executed the unification of 110 IT organizations across the state, realizing over $875M in cost savings. By implementing a zero-trust approach and rolling out platforms that seamlessly integrate with each other, the State of Oklahoma enabled 30,000 employees to securely work remotely throughout the pandemic.

Lessons Learned

Momentum is the most valuable resource and must be protected at all costs. Transformational leaders must create a shared sense of urgency across their teams. Those teams must be biased toward action and the aggressive pursuit of solutions. Momentum then comes from setting and achieving aggressive timelines on small tasks.