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Matthias Quernheim

Head Global Connectivity and Security Solutions

Matthias Quernheim
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Transformation is not always a completely new approach, but it includes many small steps towards the desired outcome.
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Transformation Journey

Matthias Quernheim has more than 30 years of experience across various IT roles in the pharmaceutical industry, including global support functions, research and development, industrial, and IT infrastructure. Matthias has been a key driver of globalizing Sanofi's IT infrastructure. The 10-year journey started in 2010, and Sanofi’s network transformation and cloud-first strategy enabled the company to easily transition up to 75000 unique users to work-from-home in 2020.

Lessons Learned

Digital transformation can never be commanded from the top. Instead, it is mindset and a change management exercise. Don't forget to allow people to be onboarded to the journey.

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