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Rohit Adlakha

Chief Digital & Information Officer and Global Head, Wipro HOLMES™ (former)

Rohit Adlakha
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True leaders play an infinite game of driving wellness, development, engagement, and outcomes for the people for which they are responsible, using inspired leadership that balances culture and strategy.
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Transformation Journey

Rohit built a continuing two-decade career of nurturing and scaling businesses from infancy to sustainable profitability using high-performance teams. At Wipro HOLMES™, he drove the economics, efficiency, and excellence of their Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform and Automation Ecosystem. Rohit instilled a paradigm of any time, any device, anywhere, that broke down silos in order to achieve speed, agility, communication, collaboration—without the physical touch of over 197K people.

Rohit's teams helped integrate acquired entities into the company in order to drive a common culture and experience by driving security and user experience in tandem.

Lessons Learned

In your first 100 days of being a CIO, you are constantly learning. This is when you become a veteran, and you never have a better time to make change. The role of the CIO is only limited by the boundaries you set for yourself.

It's important to treat employees as customers, power a mobile- and cloud-native approach, and align technology with the business imperatives.

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